Northern Energy Services uses the performance based approach for Energy Efficiency in Your Home

With our integrated approach to home performance improvements, there is a smooth transition between a home energy audit and the actual retrofit work.

Northern Energy Services can deliver a thorough energy audit of your home with equipment that identifies even the smallest efficiency issues that you cannot feel or see.  These unseen energy issues are most likely resulting in higher than necessary energy bills. We find solutions to those issues and help reduce your monthly heating costs.

Our home energy improvements not only save money on your heating costs, but also creates a more comfortable and cozy home!

Every home in Maine is unique!

That’s why energy improvement options are different for each client. Our service follows a performance-based approach, which means that Northern Energy Services is not wedded to a particular technology, and can offer retrofit solutions (home energy upgrades) that span a wide range of products and techniques.

Our process allows you to choose the optimal plan based on your wants, schedule, and budget.

Typical upgrades include air sealing of the building envelope, targeted insulation and window improvements  or the addition of Air sourced Heat Pumps. Less commonly, upgrades include replacement of major mechanical systems (such as furnaces and hot water heaters) or windows and doors.

Read what says about sealing your home.

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