Your Home Energy Consult

Your consultation with Northern Energy Services is the first step toward making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  Describe your home’s current conditions and challenges, learn building science basics, and begin planning an energy efficiency upgrade.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Interview: Spend a few minutes getting to know your Energy Advisor and describing your home.  How does your home feel throughout the year?  What is the primary change you’d like to see in your home?  What are your long-term plans for your home?  What questions do you have?
  • Walk-through: Show your Energy Advisor around, from the basement, to the attic, and all the nooks and crannies in between.  Each home is unique, but our experience with building science and Maine homes, along with the tools we rely on, help your Advisor focus on the most cost-effective energy improvements for your home.
  • Consult Summary & Next Steps: Your Advisor will share an evidence-based description of your home’s efficiency challenges, explain how Northern Energy Service can solve those problems, and estimate how much that project might cost.  When you’re ready to begin, schedule a full energy audit.

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